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Tree removal can be a time consuming and intimidating task. Without the right equipment or helping hands, you can spend weeks trying to fell, split, and remove a single tree--- and then there’s the problem of the stump and unsightly hole in your yard. Whether you are looking to update your landscaping, protect your home from dangerous, dead trees, or remove unsightly downed trees, let MA Landscapes trained professionals deal with the details, do the heavy lifting, and help your yard get back to looking its best.

Hire Professionals

MA Landscapes provides quick and thorough tree removal services to Montgomery County and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas. We easily tackle any size job, from small saplings to large, technical removals. Our full-service tree removal includes careful takedown and complete cleanup and haul-away. We can also remove stumps and fill and landscape the removal site, leaving your yard immaculate and primed for new landscaping opportunity.

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