Grub & Insect Control Services

Grubs are small insects (beetle larva) that can take a large toll on your beautiful lawn. They will feed on the root system of your carefully planted and maintained turf—subsurface where you can’t see them–preventing proper water and nutrient absorption and causing drying and die off. Protect your lawn from these small, but mighty pests, with grub insect control services from MA Landscapes

Control Grub Population

We’ve been a trusted, professional landscape and lawn care provider in Bucks County and surrounding areas for twenty years. We offer preventative and post grub insect control measures to keep grub population to manageable levels. Treatments can be applied in the springtime, and while the treatments will not repair any dead grass caused by initial infestations, our trained lawn care technicians can recommend fertilizer and overseeding services to rejuvenate the damaged areas and restore the health of your lawn.

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