Crab Grass Removal Services

MA Landscape offers a wide range of weed control services, including Crabgrass specific weed control. Common to Pennsylvania, Crabgrass grows up from seed each year and requires a very specific control approach to remove the weed and prevent regrowth—generic broadleaf weed control measures are not often effective against Crabgrass infestation. If you’re unsure if you have a Crabgrass infestation, call our trained lawn care technicians. They’ll provide an expert consultation and the correct control service and treatment measures for your weed infestation.

Say Goodbye, Crabgrass

While targeted control measures can eliminate crabgrass infestations, the best measure against any weed infestation is a healthy, robust lawn. MA Landscapes is a full-service lawn care provider, offering fertilizing, pest control, aeration and overseeding, as well as liming for a well-rounded lawn care plan to keep your landscape thriving and beautiful.

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